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Friday, August 22, 2008

Create Flooding Text on my site or yours using HTML

Do you want to know how to make this text?

Im just new on HTML so i just post what I learn today. And today I learn how to make flooding text. First time I read this tutorial I think its complicated with the symbol and the comand. But I don't want to give up and I try with something that I think easiest.Like we all know the easiest to learn something is with action.
The flooding text above using syntax like below.....

<marquee behavior="scroll" bgcolor="white" width= "400" height="20"> Do you want to know how to make this text? </marquee>

Marquee is command in HTML for flooding text in HTML page. Syntax is <marquee [properties]>….text/item…</marquee>.

The table below is properties of marquee and its values. So if you want to learn marquee command just try the properties and value show on below.




Techniques from marquee to run the text, value are slide, scroll, and alternate.


Up, down, right, left.


Value in pixel or percent (%).


Value in pixel or percent (%).


Default is always repeat the technique but if you want to define how many times text scroll or slide just input the number you want.


Color of marquee background, value is color or hex number.


Ability to define font, paragraph, border, numbering and position.


Here is another example....

Using direction=down and different size

The command I use for this like below...

<marquee behavior="scroll" bgcolor="white" width= "300" height="150" direction="down"> Using direction=down and different size </marquee>

Edited on 22 August 08 for my blogger friends ^_^ Arjaeuse
Here is another example again.. but this time useful for yours blog link...

this Link to my blog

next type yours blog links

The command I use for that like below....

<marquee onmouseover="this.stop()" direction="up" width="95%" scrollamount="3" onmouseout="this.start()" height="300" align="center"><a href="http://easyway2learn.blogspot.com">this Link to my blog</a></marquee>

This section edited on 24 August 08 request by my blogger friend Miss Anik...
Now we try to use an image ....

The command is like below....

<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" width= "400" height="200"> <img src="my image LINK code"> </marquee>
Interesting isn't it?


arjaeuse said...

hello.. my friend.. thanks 4 posting up this entry.. yeah.. I'll be putting this 2 my blogs site asap because 4 now I'm planning to change my template... tyvm... :) keep it up! I save ur site 2 my booksmark.. :) thanks again..

CT said...

Thank You...

I've put it at my blog...Keep up the good work!

chan said...