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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Old Spell Book

Magic spell like in Harry Potter movie of course I cant do it, but I can make my own spell book. So funny when I show this picture and I told to my friend that spell book is real, and they believe it. Of course in the end I told the truth that I make it use Photoshop. Want to know how to make it? More...

1. Create a new file 1024 x 768 pixels with background content is white.

2. Press D button on your keyboard and make sure foreground color is black and background color is white. Than choose Paint Bucket Tool. Click on the canvas, now the canvas is fill with black color.
Now create new layer, in menu Layer > New Layer. Than use Rectangular Marque Tool, make a box like picture below.

4. Change foreground color, in Color Picker window set the color #D2C3B3.
5. Fill the selection area with that color use Paint Bucket Tool

6. Double click on layer 1 icon to show Blending Mode Option window. Choose Drop Shadow with setting: Blend Mode: normal, color code #65371C, Opacity: 100%, Angle: 0°, Distance: 2, Spread: 0, Size: 0 and Noise 60%, don’t check Use Global Light. Don’t click OK yet, still more to do. 
7. Now choose Inner Glow with the setting: Blend Mode: Color Burn, Opacity: 50, Noise: 26, color: black(#000000), Choke: 0%, Size: 27, check box Anti-aliased, and Range: 50%. 
8. After that now choose Pattern Overlay, set Blend mode: color burn, Opacity: 9, the pattern is Satin. Click OK to continue.
9. Duplicate layer 1, press Ctrl + J on your keyboard for the shortcut and new layer will create name layer 2.
10. Press V button to activate move tool, than move layer 2 like picture below. Now we have a picture of a book.
11. The book look old, but its still like new. So we make it look really old using Eraser Tool. Erase book sides for both layer.
12. Now place the magic spell. Choose Horizontal Type Tool, use Bookman Old Style font or others font and size 18 pt, colored black. Than type your spell on old book page.
13. Right click on layer text and choose Rasterize Type. Than in menu choose Filter > Distort > Ripple. On Ripple window set Amount : 100 % and size: medium.
14. Now the text look almost unreadable just like magic spell.
15. With the same way fill the other page with your spell to complete the make of magic spell book.
Hope this tutorial can make your idea come and make a new technique. Don’t forget to use that spell on the old book spell ^_^.


ANGEL said...

I like it so much.


Altaf Khan said...


how to break black magic