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Friday, August 15, 2008

Smoked Burning Text with Photoshop

This time I got how to burn text on flame with Photoshop. First time I see this tutorial and the image I so interested. Why? Because the flame look so real so I try to follow this tutorial and make some image to show to you all. Lets do it, let me show the tutorial. You can download Ebook pdf here… Or keep read More...
1. Create new file with dimension 600x480px. Choose red as a foreground color, then press ALT + Del to fill canvas with foreground color.

2. Create new layer then press D button on your keyboard to restore foreground and background color to default. On menu choose Filter>Render>Clouds, repeat Clouds filter use CTRL + F until you got image similar like below.

3. Next on menu choose Filter>Distort>Wave, define Number of Generators: 15, Wavelength: 24/120, Amplitude: 5/35, Scale: 100%/100% and Type: Square.

4. Press CTRL + U to show Hue/Saturation dialog box. Checkbox Colorize radio box then define Hue: 23, Saturation: 25 and Lightness: -26. Your image will turn Brown.

5. Press CTRL +M to show Curves dialog box. Arrange the curve line until look like letter "S". This step will make your image look brighter.

6. Change layer 1 blending mode to Hard Light, and reduce the Fill to 75%.

7. Make sure that your foreground color is black, then activate Brush Tool. Right click on picture to show Brush Preset panel, choose Chalk 36 pixel with diameter size 36px.

8. Create a new layer on menu Layer>New>Layer, then press CTRL + Del to fill the new layer with white. Using Brush tool, create image like below.

9. Next on menu choose Filter>Distort>Wave, define Number of Generators : 8, Wavelength: 1/94, Amplitude: 24/50, Scale: 40/70% and Type: Square.

10. Next on menu choose Filter>Distort>Diffuse Glow, define Graininess: 10, Glow Amount: 2 and Clear Amount: 6.

11. Change layer 2 blending mode to Multiply and reduce the Opacity to 88%.

12. Create new layer on menu Layer>New>Layer. Press ALT + Del to fill the new layer with black. Then choose Yellow for the foreground color and use Brush tool to make image like below.

13. Repeat step number 9.
14. Next on menu choose Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur, define Radius: 3px.

15. Press CTRL + M to show Curves dialog box, then make curve like image below.

16. On menu choose Filter>Distort>Glass, define Distortion: 16, Smoothness: 15, Texture: Frosted and Scaling: 145%.

17. Change layer 3 blending mode to Linear Dodge.

18. Next choose white as your foreground color, then activate Horizontal Type Tool. In this case I define Font: Tahoma and Size: 72. Type your text, press CTRL + Enter if you done.

19. Next on menu choose Filter>Liquify, and dialog box will show that ask you to rasterize the type, click OK. On Liquify dialog box , choose Turbulence tool from tool menu on the left of dialog box. Define Brush Size: 300px, checkbox on Show Backdrop and choose Use: Background and Mode: Behind.

20. Next click and hold Turbulence tool on middle of the text. You also can drag Turbulence tool to make text that you want. If you make mistake, hold Alt key than click on Cancel to restore text that you change.

21. Next on menu choose Filter>Blur>Blur More. Then make duplicate of layer text use CTRL + J. Select layer text copy on layer panel, after that on menu chose Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Define Radius: 3px.

22. Again on menu choose Filter>Distort>Zigzag, define Amount: 24, Ridges: 4 and Style: Pond Ripples.

23. Done with Zigzag filter, now press D button of your keyboard to reset Photoshop color to default. Then activate Horizontal Type Tool and make text field on canvas. Just click on canvas then drag your mouse to make text field.

24. Type text that you like, use Font: Tahoma and size: 30px. If you done with the text repeat step number 19 and 20.
25. On layer panel, move text layer to between layer 3 and your first text layer. Change the Blending mode to Color Burn and reduce the Fill to 75%.

26. As you see, the text is almost invisible. For that duplicate the text layer use CTRL + J, and change layer text copy blending option to Linear Burn and reduce Fill to 25%.

27. And the last step for this section, reduce Fill of layer 3 to 75%. That’s it you burning text with smoke is done.


Ailecgee said...

This blog is very helpful. I'll try to learn everything I can though it looks kinda difficult for a newbie like me.