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Friday, July 18, 2008

Electric Text Effect

Today I learn to make text with electric effect around the text. Using photoshop to make it. It's not hard because I have the tutorial or you can say a printed teacher. All this time I learn photoshop with this tutorial and don't have trouble to finish it, because it's so detailed. The image above is my work and I rewrite my action in this blog. So if you new with photoshop I thing this tutorial usefull. Ok, let me show you the tutorial downloand pdf here... or keep reading More...
1. Create a new file with custom size width 800 x heights 300.

2. Press D button on your keyboard to restore pallet color to default.Fill your work canvas with paint bucket tool, use black color.Type on canvas use Type Tool, the word should be long enough and use white color.

3. From menu, choose Layer - New - Layer to add a new layer on the text. Or use the short cut Ctrl + Shift + N. Use paint bucket tool and fill the layer with white color. Or use the shortcut Shift + F5.

4. In menu choose Filter - Texture - Stained Glass, set Cell Size = 22, Border Thickness = 6 and Light Intensity = 5.

5. Select the black line, zoom in your canvas and use Magic Wand Tool.

6. Don’t deselect it and add new layer on it. In menu choose Layer - New Layer . Name it electric. Fill that layer with white color, use the shortcut Shift + F5. And click the eye icon of layer 1 to hide it.

7. Click the cursor on text layer to activate it. Use Ctrl-click on text layer icon to select the text. In menu choose Select - Modify - Expand, and set 5 pixels.

8. Select electric layer and choose menu Select - Inverse or Ctrl + Shift + I , and push Delete key on your keyboard. Than deselect it, use Ctrl + D. Click the electric layer on layer panel. In menu choose Filter - Distort -Ripple, and set 156%.

9. Double click on electric layer to show Blending Options.

10. On Outer Glow option set Opacity: 50; Noise: 0; Spread: 9; Size: 8 and color code #2F68DC. Leave the rest on default.

11. Than in Inner Glow option set Opacity : 100%; Noise : 0; Choke : 100; Size : 0, and color code #A5DFFD

12. On Color Overlay option set color code #65A1E4, than press OK.

13. Now double click on text layer, and choose Gradient Overlay and click gradient overlay editor.

14. Set the color stop in Gradient Editor with the setting: #8AA2B8 on location 0%, #445B6F on location 49%, #597084 on location 50%, #B2C9DD on location 100%.

15. Last effect is set value on Stroke option. Set to minimum size, that is 1, position: inside, and color code #B3B3B3. Press OK.

Your electricity effect is done, look great isn't it? You can combine it with shadow or background as you wish.