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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shocking Text

Yesterday I looking on internet to find anything interesting. Until I look this text on this site [http://www.n-sane.net/text-effects/shocking-text/index.php] and got the tutorial and I try to make it. Using simple technique and I can make it, use Wind filter and image adjustment. I try to add more image than the original and make it easy to learn it. Interested?
1. Create a new file 400 x 400 pixel, with background is transparent.
2. Rename only the existing layer "back".

3. In menu Edit > Fill > Black layer "back" or just us shortcut Shift + F5 and choose black.Using Horizontal Type Tool, type some text with large font in white.

4. Before next step, we must rasterize text layer. In menu choose Layer>Rasterize>Type.Duplicate the text layer and hide the new layer "text copy" by clicking the eye icon of that layer. Activate the text layer not the copy and right click on that layer and choose Merge Visible. Or just use the shortcut Ctrl + E.

5. In menu choose Image > Rotate Canvas > 90° CW. Now apply Wind Filter to the layer. In menu choose Filter > Stylize >Wind. Choose right direction.Repeat apply this Wind Filter, use Ctrl + F.

6. Now apply Wind Filter again, but this time use from left direction. Apply Wind Filter again use Ctrl + F. Now we need to rotate canvas again, in menu choose Image > Rotate Canvas > 90° CCW.

7. Now apply Wind Filter again but in this time just one time each direction. In menu choose Filter > Stylize > Wind , direction from right. Apply Wind Filter again, now the direction from Left.

8. Now apply Ripple Filter, in menu choose Filter > Distort > Ripple. Now for the color, in menu choose Image > Adjustment > Hue/Saturation. Or use the shortcut Ctrl + U. Check the Colorize option. Adjust the setting Hue and Saturation until you get the color you want.

9. Now unhide the "text copy" layer and activate it on layer palette. And select the text on that layer by hold Ctrl button + click on the layer thumbnail on layer palette. Than in menu Select > Modify > Contract. Set contract by : 2 pixel. And than Fill use black, in menu Edit > Fill choose black ( or use shortcut Shift + F5 ).

10. Final step, merge layer visible use Ctrl + E . Than copy the merged layer twice, now you have 3 layers. Set the middle layer Blend mode : Screen, and the top layer Blend mode : overlay. Set it on layer palette.

Finally your Light Wave Text effect is done. Hope this tutorial can make your idea come and make a new technique.