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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Photoshop Frozen Text

In this section I learn to how to make frozen text. Not just that, I also learn about how to manage channel, curve, and many other technique. Final result this tutorial, text look like real froze. Amazing !!! Ok , let me show you the tutorial you can download here... or keep read More...
1. Create new file with any dimension depend on your text size, use black as background color. Activate Horizontal Type Tool and use white color. Before you type your text open Character window, on menu Window>Character. Define Font: Arial, Style: Bold and size: 135pt, look image below. Now you can type your text.

2. Add layer style for the text, double click text layer on layer palette. Choose Bevel and Emboss, define Style: Inner Bevel, Technique: Smooth, Depth: 100%, Direction: Up, Size: 25 and Soften: 0 then press OK.

3. Create new layer on layer palette, and put the new layer between your text layer and background layer. Then click your text layer and use CTRL + E to merge your text layer and layer 1 . Change name of layer 1, double click on it and name it "Frost".

4. Press CTRL + M on your keyboard to show Curve dialog box. Arrange curve line like image below. Press OK if you done with it.

5. Next press CTRL + U to show Hue/Saturation dialog box, checklist on Colorize radio box and define Hue: 200, Saturation: 40 and Lightness: 0. Press OK to continue.

6. Now we need to add layer style to frost layer, double click frost layer on layer palette. Choose Inner Glow, define Blend Mode: Multiply, Opacity: 75%, Color: #365383 and size: 6px.

7. Press CTRL + click on frost layer thumbnail on layer palette to make selection. Activate channel palette, then click icon Save selection as channel. On channel palette will show channel Alpha 1.

8. Select channel alpha 1, press CTRL + D (deselect) to loose the selection. On menu choose Filter>Brush Strokes>Spatter. Define Spray Radius: 16 and Smoothness: 7, click OK.

9. Apply filter again but this time use Paint Daubs filter, on menu Filter>Artistic>Paint Daubs. Define Brush size: 8, Sharpness: 7 and Brush type: simple. Press OK.

10. Use CTRL + click on channel Alpha 1 to activate selection, then on menu Select>Modify>Contract define 5px. Press OK.

11. Without loose the selection, on channel palette click on Save selection as channel icon, and it will be new channel Alpha 2. Activate channel Alpha 2 and loose the selection use CTRL + D.

12. Repeat step 8 and step 9 but this time apply it on Alpha 2 channel.
13. If you done with step 12, use CTRL + click on channel Alpha 2 to make selection. Make sure that background color is black, then click channel Alpha 1 and press Delete key on your keyboard. Use CTRL + D to loose the selection. If you do all step above right, then you should get image like below.

14. Next we need to rotate the canvas, on menu Image>Rotate Canvas>90°CCW. After that on menu choose Filter>Stylize>Wind and define Method: wind and Direction: From the Left.

15. Repeat Wind Filter one more time use CTRL + F. Next on menu Filter>Sketch>Plaster, define Image Balance: 20 and Smoothness: 2. Press OK if you done.

16. Again apply wind filter like on step 14, on menu Filter>Stylize>Wind. Now rotate the canvas, on menu Image>Rotate Canvas>90°CW. You should get image like below.

17. CTRL + click Alpha 1 channel on channel palette to make selection. Activate layer palette and click on Frost layer to activate it. Create new layer from menu Layer>New>Layer. Fill new layer with white, on menu Edit>Fill or use Shift + F5. Rename layer 1, name it "Freeze" and duplicate layer Freeze use CTRL + J. Now with layer freeze copy selected change the Fill to 50%.

18. Activate original Freeze layer, double click on it to show Layer Style dialog box. Choose Drop Shadow and define Blending mode: Multiply, Color: #003371, Opacity: 75%, Angle: 90°, uncheck list Use Global Light radio box, Distance: 5px and Size:0. Do not press OK yet still more to do.

19. Choose Bevel and Emboss and define Style: Inner Bevel, technique: Smooth, Depth: 100%, direction: up, size: 7px, uncheck box Use Global Light and Anti-aliased, Angle: 0, Altitude: 90, Highlight mode: Screen and color: #FFFFFF and Shadow Mode: Multiply and color: #898989. Press OK to continue.

20. Activate Frost layer and change Fill to 25%. Then activate background layer and choose Gradient Tool. Set foreground color is white and background color bright blue. Drag your mouse from middle up canvas to middle down of canvas to fill it with gradient. That’s it Frozen text is done.