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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Content Warning Board use Photoshop

This time I learn to make an adult content warning board. Remember I learn about make the board not the content^_^. Ok, this is just simply technique in Photoshop and I think all of you can make it as I do. Because I'm still newbie in Photoshop so anything possible if we want to learn it. Let me show you the tutorial , you can download it here… Or you can keep reading More...
Create new image with dimension 800x600px and white background content. Press D button on your keyboard to reset foreground and background color to default. Then change foreground color to Grey (#666666).

Choose Rectangular Marquee Tool, define style Fixed Size with width: 500px and height: 325px. Click on the canvas and create a new layer from menu Layer>New>Layer. Fill the selection area with white color (#FFFFFF) in menu Edit>Fill>choose white.

Without loss the selection area create new layer again in menu Layer>New>Layer, and this time fill the selection area with Black.

Next invert the selection area use CTRL + Shift + I, then in menu Select>Modify>Contract define the value 5 pixels. Press Delete button on your keyboard to make a border.

Deselect the selection area use CTRL + D, then use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to make the selection like image below, before that you must set the style back to normal. After you make the selection fill it with white color.

Next use Type Tool and type PARENTAL use white color on the canvas. In menu Window > Character arrange distance and font size with parameter like image below.

Next type ADVISORY below the text before. And set the parameter like image below on Character window.

Last type ADULT CONTENT with parameter like image below.

Now we give some effect for the text. Double click on parental text layer on Layer Panel. Choose Bevel and Emboss define Style: Outer Bevel, technique: smooth, depth: 1000%, Direction: up, size: 3px, angle: 124°, altitude: 26 then click OK.

Right click on parental text layer and choose Copy Layer Style then right click on 2 other text layer and choose Paste layer Style. Now the image have Emboss effect.

Now hold CTRL button and click on every layer to select it except background layer. Right click on selected layer and choose merge all. Before that rasterize the text layer first. Now you only have 2 layer on layer panel.

Now apply free transform use CTRL + T, we need rotate the image just little bit. Now you can add your image as a background to make it more interesting. That’s it you made an adult warning board and save some child from pornography.^_^


Digi-Gal Designs said...

Very cool work. Interesting tutorials. Some pictures on your background have been deleted though. Is this blog not currently being updated? Just wondering because I just found it today.