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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Photoshop Tutorial: Text in The Net

This time I learn how to make Text in the Net. In this section I learn how to use Displace Map Filter, Gaussian Blur, how to define pattern, using Lighting Effects and many more. Ok don’t waste time, let see the tutorial. You can download tutorial here… or keep read More...
1. Create new file with dimension 600x300 pixel and resolution 72 pixel/inch. Define grey (#808080) for foreground color. Press ALT + DEL to fill canvas with foreground color.

2. Press D button to reset color to Photoshop default. Activate Horizontal Type tool and define Font: Verdana, Style: Regular and Size: 72 pt. Type your word but not too long, in this case I type my blog title E2L for Easy 2 Learn. Use Free Transform or CTRL + T to resize the text, make it bigger.

3. Next on menu choose Filter>Filter>Gaussian Blur, define Radius: 20 pixel. After that press CTRL+ALT+S to save it as a Dismap file name it 'YOUR TEXT'.psd.

4. Create new layer above your text layer, in menu Layer>New>Layer and name it "NET".

5. Press CTRL+Del to fill NET layer with white. Then activate Rectangular Marquee Tool and create selection with Shift key on hold.

6. Without loosing the selection area, on menu choose Edit>Stroke. Define Width: 1px, Color: black (#000000) and Location: Inside. Click OK if you done.

7. With selection area still active, on menu choose Edit>Define Pattern. On dialog box name it "Square".

8. Press CTRL+D to loose the selection. Then on menu choose Edit>Fill, choose Use: Pattern. On Custom Pattern search pattern you just make.

9. On layer palette move "net" layer to below 'your text' layer.

10. Activate 'your text' layer then press CTRL+I to Inverse color of 'your text' layer. Your text color will turn white. Next press CTRL+U to show Hue/Saturation dialog box. Check on Colorize, then define Hue: 58, Saturation: 100 and Lightness: -48.

11. Next on menu choose Filter>Render>Lighting Effects, arrange the lightning position like image below. On Texture channel option choose 'your text' Transparency, checkbox on White is high and define Height: 76.

12. Now activate 'NET' layer then press CTRL+U to show Hue/Saturation dialog box. Checkbox on Colorize then define Hue: 58, Saturation: 56 and Lightness: 21.

13. Next on menu choose Filter>Distort>Displace, define Vertical and Horizontal scale: 15. On Choose a displacement map dialog box, find and choose file 'YOUR TEXT'.psd that you save at step 3. Click Open and your image should like below now.

14. Next on menu choose Filter>Render>Lighting Effects, arrange Lighting position like image below and on Texture channel option choose None.

15. Next on menu choose Edit>Fade Lighting Effects, reduce the Opacity value to 50% then click OK.

16. Now activate "your text" layer, change the Blending Mode of "your text" layer to Linear Burn.

17. Press CTRL+J to make duplicate of "your text" layer, then change Blending Mode of "your text" layer copy to Hard Light and reduce Fill to 60%.

18. Next on menu choose Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Hue/Saturation. Dialog box will show , click OK on it. On Hue/Saturation, checkbox on Colorize then define Hue: 203, Saturation: 66 and Lightness: 0.

19. Activate Horizontal Type Tool, define Font: Verdana, Style: Regular, Size: 30pt and color Black. Type your text, press CTRL+Enter if you done. Move your text to middle left of canvas use Move Tool.

20. On layer palette, double click your text layer to show Blending Option dialog box. Choose Stroke then define Size: 3, Position: Outside, Opacity: 100, Fill Type: color and Color: Orange (#F7941B). Don’t press OK yet, still more to do.

21. Now choose Drop Shadow and press OK.

22. Its done!


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