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Monday, August 25, 2008

Make Banner with Graffiti Text use Photoshop

Waw…first time I make this text I've been confused, what title should I give to this text. But finally I decide to named it Grafitty banner. I don’t know named it right or not, if you want give it better name just post comment on this post section. This section is easier than I post before. Just used very simply technique, using move tool and free transform tool. Its very easy you must see. Interested? Keep read more...
Create new file and type your text, but separate them word by word. Each word on each layer. Use this font called BeijingWigowhat_crazy, you can download it here....

Arrange your text like following image. Use free transform to match the size until you think its look good.

Now we need to make those text look not separate. In this case I need to warp "Learn" text, especially letter "L". Activate "Learn" text layer, and use Rectangular Marquee Tool to select warp area.

After the area is selected, activate Free Transform Tool - use CTRL + T. ow… before that rasterize every text layer, right click the layer on layer palette and choose rasterize type. Resize the selected area and you should get like the following image.

Press Enter if you done, then loose the selection area press CTRL + D. Add something for the background to make it more interesting, follow your imagination. My result is like the following image.

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lovely0921_ph said...

hi there. thanks for dropping by on my page. visiting here too. your site is really informative. just want to ask some favor if you dont mind... if you know how to do it in photoshop, it's when the two different pictures/images and will put it in one image as if they are really together. ;) and also the one which they do in magazines, when a picture is edited, cut the curves and make a woman/man looks sexy ;), blemishes are gone, etc.
i really want to learn how to do it. and since your site is about photoshop, you might be able to help me on this. ;) or if you know any link where i can probably get that information so i can learn that. thanks. hope to hear from you soon.;) good day.

qmos said...

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Angel said...

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