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Friday, August 22, 2008

Photoshop Tutorial Make YouR own Blog Banner

My new Banner not release yet

Today I make a new banner for my blog and I made it use my favorite program Photoshop CS.
I post this because I look to another blog and there many of blogs got no banner for exchange. So think I can help if I post this. Its not difficult just in 3 steps. Lets try it !!

Let's begin Step 1:
Create new image with size that usually use for banner exchange use 300x 60px or use bigger size and you can resize it later. Fill the canvas with black and type your blog title or text that you want.

Still want to continue?? OK,keep readMore...
Step 2:
Double click on you text layer to add a new layer style. For the simplest way I use outer glow, so click outer glow to show the option and set color that you want , but better if you choose something bright. And set opacity to 100.

Next duplicate your text layer use CTRL+J, then double click on it to show blending option. Choose on outer glow and reduce the opacity to 50.

You will got a something like the following image.

Step 3:
Done with the outer glow setting, now create new layer. Activate Rectangular Marquee Tool and create selection area like image below. Then fill the selection area with White, use Edit>Fill>Color and choose white.

Done with that now press CTRL+D to loose the selection area. On layer palette, change layer 1 Blending mode to Difference. Done!! Your banner is ready for exchange with another blogger. Very easy isn't it??


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