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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Water Looks Effect

Today I try a new tutorial I get last night. The tutorial show how to make drops of water. And the final result can be save on layer style palette, so if I want to make an effect from that just simply click on it. More...

1. Create new file in any size you want. Than fill the background with wood pattern.

2. Create a new layer, in menu choose Layer > New. In new layer create some dots or image use Brush Tool with foreground color is Black.

3. Double click on layer 1 icon in layer palette for show Blending Option dialog box. Change Fill Opacity to 3%. This will make the image almost disappear. Don’t click OK yet.

4. Click Drop Shadow to show the dialog box. Set Blend mode : multiply, Opacity: 100%, Angle: 90°, Distance: 1, Size: 1.

5. Click on Inner Shadow, than set Blend mode: Color Burn, Opacity: 43%, Distance: 5, Size: 10.

6. Click on Inner Glow and set Blend mode: Overlay, Opacity: 30%, Color: black, Size: 5.

7. Now the last step click Bevel and Emboss and set Style: Inner Bevel, Technique: Chisel Hard, Depth: 250%, Size: 15, Soften: 10, Highlight mode: Screen and opacity: 100%, Shadow mode: Color Dodge and opacity: 37%.

8. Now you may click OK and see the result. You can save this layer style and use it in future.